Friday, 16 December 2011

Seb Garat PKRA NC Report

The last PKRA event of the year took place on one of the best spot of the planet for a Freestyle Competition.

I decided for this last event, to ride with boots, as the spot is perfectly flat, and you can really push the power and the style with the bindings.

The 1st day of competition (Wednesday), we say the locals trying to get a spot in the main event during the trials. Then the main ladder started with the 2 first round. As I’m in the top 8, I started only in the 2nd round, and met one of the best local guy, Mickel Dinclaux.

I’ve been riding pretty well on this first heat, riding my 9 RRD Obsession Pro fully powered with the 25 knots of perfect wind! With almost no mistake in this heat, I advanced easily to the 1/4 final.
The end of the single has been completed on the 2nd day. This day, the wind was a bit crapicious, had turn a bit, and was lighter than usual, and a bit gusty. Really different from what we are used to on this spot. I had to go out on my 12 agaist Pastor (the only rider with me to ride with boots.). But I had one of wy worst heat ever this day. 

Then, on Friday, for the 3rd day, the race director decided to complete the double elimination as the wind was supposed to die the next day. I had to run first against Ewan Jaspan from Oz. Then I passed against Reno Romeu (Brasil) against who I had a really good heat.

Then came the hardest part of the job, as I met Youri Zoon who lost prematurely in the single for the 1st time of the year. I been pretty consistent, and strong in this heat, and thought I could have take the win. But the win went to Youri with a very close heat. 

I loosed my heat against Youri, butI won the people's choice contest (kind of game on the PKRA Web Page where everybody could vote for their favorite rider, and the best 2 peoples had a Super Session in New Cal Event.) again  with Youri Zoon.
SO I did one super session withYouri against Me. That you can see and vote for me here :
And I'm first so far with the last votes...

All in all
I finished this last event with a 6th place. And passed from the 7th to the 6th place on the overall Ranking, passing Reno Romeu. I’m just 20 points behind my mate Tom Hebert. 

Pretty good end of season for me. 

I really enjoyed riding with my new C kites this year, I can see they made me improving my riding style and my general Power.
Riding with the boots here was also a good thing.

Wants to thank RRD my main sponsor for the perfect gear they provide to me, and I can’t wait for the next year PKRA schedule to see where I will ride my RRD Obsession Pro’s.

Cheers Everyone, wish you good winds for Christmas
Seb Garat

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