Tuesday, 20 December 2011

SAKT Langebaan final.

Hey guys,
I've just awoken after a solid 5 days of comp between the sup contest in Cape Town and the kite comp in langebaan… we had some really good wind 4 days of comp and 4 days of wind it was super good, we started off with racing on the first day I was on my 16m RRD Addiction with 30m lines and I just had enough power to get me through. I ended up with a 4th for the racing which I'm sure I can improve… 

Day 2 we started the Pro Freestyle. I made it through to the singles getting a 3rd on day two. 
Day 3 we started a little bit late as the wind came up in the afternoon and we started with the doubles which gave me another chance to get a better ranking. I went through some really tough heats and I
ended up man on man against Oswald Smith. In the last 20seconds I pulled a front mobe 2 blind which was a 1st for me... I was super stoked but that wasn't enough… it put me 2nd against Ossie...

Yesterday the last day we decided to have wave riding in some really bad conditions everyone on 7's and over powered but we managed I still went through some hard heats and I pushed through to the winners final, against Oswald again. BUT this time he came out 2nd best putting me on top for the waves. I'm super happy with the results and more so with the RRD Obsession Pro's and RRD Obsession MKIV really solid smooth kites and the most important part of kiting my boards! 

The new Style 40 is the most amazing freestyle board I have ever ridden ...so smooth…
and the Maquina 5'11 wow! works in every thing!
ciao guys

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