Monday, 5 December 2011

RRD Kiteboarding USA: Van Tour Kick off

We're on our way. The van is packed to the brim and looks sick. Adam, Heather, Riku, and I eventfully hit the road moday night. We almost hit a deer on our way out of the outer banks. Adam has mad whip skills, even with the 20ft sprinter van. Getting through that unscathed we'll be hitting Myrtle beach on Tuesday. Then chuck town Wendsday morning, with Tybee Island later that afternoon. We're off
and rolling, fast.

We still managed to stop and have a little photo shoot at the hard rock cafe in Myrtle beach. I also shot some B roll along the way. I have all my camera gear with me. It takes up more space in the van then I do. Its Amazing how much kite gear we have in the back. The full range of kites and twintips from RRD, Surfboards from RRD, Mystic wetsuits and wake vests, and underground twintips. We have the
ps3 hooked up to the tv and are playing MW3. Bad Ass.

By far what I'm looking forward to most is shooting with Billy Parker and riding some cable in the sunshine state. We'll be going all the way down to the keys making stops along the way. I'm stoked to be on my first kiteboard tour. Bringing my passion in photography and videography along makes all the more awesome. I'm sure the next 2 weeks will fly by. I'll just be trying to stay one step ahead with my
lens and of course have fun. You should too.

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