Monday, 19 December 2011

RRD South East USA Tour: The Florida keys

This post is a bit overdue. We Hit the Keys and had so much kiting there that wasn't any time left. If you are in Florida and you don't make it down there to kite expect the kite fairy to forget you this Christmas. It would be a travesty. Though if you promise to find your way to the grassy shallows and warm waters that offer epic downwinders through the magroves, then I suppose you may be remembered.

All the locals said It's been windy for the last couple of months. With only a day for this part of the tour we made our way streight to where the action was at. Ane's beach on Isla Marada. The Crew got a session. Some of the Local crew was out and the ConnectRails system was setup. It was Sick. A little later we went back north and sessioned the whale Harbor spot. Just blownaway by spots and good conditions we came back a second day. Thinking of the climate we would be returning too in just a few days we made the most of the warm waters. There were RRD kites in the air all day. If it wasn't one of the crew going out to ride it was one of the lucky kiters that stopped by. We got stoked by the conditions and crew and it seemed to go all around. We could have spent a week just in the one spot, easily. There are how many more Islands and beaches? Even more spots are open if you ferry out by boat. come to think it we all might just move.

The keys are still awesome. ya they might not be Egypt or New Cal but its right here in our back yard. Even with all the places there are to visit abroad and kite it would be worth making the time to visit the keys. I'm planning on it. Its great to have people show you the ropes at the new spot and be so open and inviting. If your nice they may even let slip some secret ones as we'll. Good karma for the kite fiery.

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