Friday, 9 December 2011

RRD South East USA Tour: RRD Bliss 2012

Jupiter, FL had some solid wind on Thursday. Kite sizes were 9- 10.5m with good size surf. It blows dead on shore here so getting up wind thru the surf was sometimes a challenge.

The RRD Bliss twin tip was the weapon of choice. This board excels in choppy water and waveriding. Riding upwind was effortless which helps a lot during onshore wave sessions. The Bliss also feels very stable and in control at all times. When dropping in a wave the bottom turns are fast and locked in while allowing one to aggressively snap a cut back of the top of the wave without sliding out and losing an edge. Overall this fits into the freestyle/wave program. Those who love to carve waves while throwing some hooded-in tricks in the surf all in one session, this is the board.

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