Monday, 19 December 2011

Mateo: Bora-Bora Iron Mana Race news

RRD Family..

What a race!!!
You have three crazy long distance race in the SUP world. The Molokai Channel in Hawaii, The 11City Race in Europe and The Bora-Bora Iron Mana Race.
To give you an idea the Bora Bora Iron Mana Race (40km) in French Polynesia it's like paddle full power to Castiglione della Pascaia to Monte Argentario!!!

Long and hard and with the 12'6 is a big challenge. Friday night during the race meeting, the organistion say, if we are a minimum of 6 riders tomorrow morning with the same size board we do 2 class, under 14' and 14' to unlimited 18'.
Infortunely for me nobody want to use a small raceboard for that kind of long distance and I can understand. So they put me with the 14' and unlimited.

RRD 12'6LTD against the unlimited world class. We are 15 racers to take the start at 7am Saturday morning and I cross the finish line in rank 6, with a good timing.

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