Tuesday, 6 December 2011

RRD South East USA Tour – Day 3 wrap up.

The wind filled in and we shredded Jax beach in Jacksonville, FL.
I rode the 2012 9.0 Obsession, RRD Joystick, and the 2012 Yori Zoon Shadow harness. That quiver just gets your blood flowing and really made the session super fun. I had the chance to ride with Gerrit Albetski as well. Gerrit is a key figure in the distribution company that brings in all of the Mystic, RRD, and underground products. We talk about gear and do business almost everyday but I have never rode
with him. Today we got to shred and it was awesome. I always enjoy riding with new people and sharing that after session stoke. Today we are going to be hitting up Jupiter, FL. Check the Demo dates page for a detailed description of when and where the demo wille be. Stay tuned!

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