Friday, 27 January 2012

Saint-Barth Fun Cup - Day 1

First event of the year, first race, first victory for Antoine on RRD X-Fire V4 boards...

Hi all,
we did 2 LD today, I was sailing on RRD X-Fire 114 and 8.6 the wind was 15/18kts at the first one and 12/16kts at the 2nd one, I won the 2, I was fighting with Julien at the beginning of each one but he had problem on the first one because one reach was a little bit upwind, the wind turn a bit and he couldn't jibe the 2nd mark and he finished 5th.
On the 2nd one he was fighting for the 2nd place with Tati Frans and he got stuck at one jibe and Tati pass him so he finished 3rd. 
Tomorrow we might do 3 LD, I will keep you up to date.
see you

Julien ready with a 7.8 and RRD X-Fire V4 114

17-22 knots of wind: Antoine tunes his 8.6 and RRD X-Fire

The first race was a big 10 miles long downwind course between Lorient point and St. Jean bay

Antoine and Julien ready for the training

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