Thursday, 19 January 2012

Higher Faster Stronger: THE video

Jem Hall's latest video comes courtesy of Dave White's fine camera work and editing and is from his recent Brazil Combo clinic. Lets hear what our very own coach and R & D man has to say on this:

'The Jeri, Brazil coaching clinic has been a very popular feature on my tour for the last couple of years so for 2011 I thought I would try something new by having a combo clinic. This entailed spending 4 days in Icaraizinho, enjoying the variety of water states on offer, a fun filled beach buggy trip north on day 5 to take us to the joys of Jeri (coacoara) where we then had another 4 day coaching clinic.'

'Icari certainly stepped up with the goods as it gives you a fantastic flat water lagoon at low tide for perfecting your early planing, stance, turns and tricks and then just a 100 metres upwind is an outside reef break which is great for jumping around high tide. I spent my time coaching on the water, giving debriefs and tips on dry land and also videoing the crew. I have to say that they fully went for it and were a joy to be with and gave me some of the best looping (crashes and success) footage I have ever had!'

'The beach buggy trip was amazing fun, with river crossings and drag racing, running repairs and Dave filming everything in site. My Brazilian Beauties loved this even more than I could ever imagine. Upon reaching Jeri the crew utilised the improvements they made in Icari to good effect in the more challenging conditions that joyous Jeri has to offer. It was here that the crew took their jumping up another level and added wave riding to their skill sets.'

'Most of the crew were staying in the fab Casa do John, where I have an apartment, and both the video de briefs and pool bombing sessions were very popular. The resorts are quite different and breaking them up with the buggy ride proved very popular and so I am following up on this and will be confirming details of this years Brazil clinic very soon. The one thing I would not recommend for your furry chaps though is having a Brazilian wax before 2 weeks of sailing and lots of time in wet shorts ....

Jems clinics for 2012 are selling, as ever, like proverbial hot cakes and International bookings are very welcome. Get your sailing to the next level whilst enjoying a fab holiday with Jem there to entertain and inspire you -

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