Monday, 16 January 2012

Antoine in action on X-Fire in 35 knots!

Right after his first trip to RRD head quarter, Antoine Albeau had a windy session and the French spot Fos sur Mer, close to Marseille.
With a solid 35 knots of Mistral wind and 10°C of air temperature, Antoine caught the opportunity to have a good session with French PWA rider Cedric Bordes and few other lucky riders. During the session Antoine trained on his RRD X-Fire 90 and RRD X-Fire 98.

Arnaud Deschamps ( Planche Mag chief tester) was here and he witnessed an Antoine being in a great physical shape and able to reach 35 knots of speed after a few minutes of training on his high wind slalom weapons...

Go on this way Antoine!

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