Monday, 9 January 2012

Luke @ SKAT comp

hey guys,
sorry for the delay, on friday we had some racing at the SAKT, I was doing really good 2nd to the first mark and then i was racing downwind and hit a huge chop and i twisted my foot in my strap on the k-race 70 so I didn't get a good result with the racing, but with all the new race gear we can kick ass!
On saturday we had the wave riding which is by far my best discipline I went through some really good heats managing to make it to the final! and then i found out that i was against Kevin Langeree! I'm not
100% sure about my result but i will keep you guys updated tomorrow!

Sunday was a bad day for me going into my first heat i was ready but still with my sore foot! my 2nd handle pass my leash came off and I lost my kite, but Roberto had just finished rigging my kite so i swam in and got my 9m Obsession. I managed to still make it, the next heat I wasn't so lucky and I got knocked out!

Today we have the doubles so i have a good chance to make it to the
final again!

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