Thursday, 16 June 2011

Kuba: Closer to the PWA...

Here you can find some update from our team rider Jakub Kosmowski:

"During the event in Bonaire I'm still training for the upcoming event
in Lanzarote which start on the 30th of June. I can't wait to go
against all the guys after a 2 years without competing. Last weeks in
Fuerte were really good. most of the time I was using my Simmers 4.8
and 4.2 Blacktips. I was using only RRD 88 which suits perfectly for
those conditions. I'm sending few pictures from last session in
You can go to my website Lessons page to find out about the upcoming courses
which will happen in July and August.
I set my release dates for freestyle podcasts. It will be one before
the Lanzarote event and then the second one right after the event.
Greets and stay tuned!

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