Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Costa Brava slalom - Jesper

RRD teamride Jesper Orth got a 21'th place. Before the last day he was
in 26'th and also out of the top 24'th price money. To a big surprise
for many the last heats of slalom got started on the last day, just
before the official closing time of the event.
Jesper says:
"I knew the last round of slalom would count a lot and I wanted to
jump to at least to 24'th place to get a "bite" of the price money.
All the guys in 21-27 position was nearly in the same heat, so we
could battle it out very direct. I managed to qualify to the semi
finals (top 16) and could see non of my closest competitors made
it :). In the looser final I made a 12'th place and was pretty stoked
as I knew that would secure me the 21'st place"
"I used the RRD Xfire 122, 112 and 102
I can't wait to do a few more events"

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