Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fabrice Beaux is living the Dream at Home on Oahu

Oahu is an exceptional training ground for a waterman that likes to surf shortboards, longboards and SUPs, and also kitesurf in beautiful lagoons and windsurf perfect “down the line” waves.   Personally   I can never find a shortage of conditions here, and I always get my daily supply of  adrenaline rush.

It doesn't mater which season, every-time I'm back the conditions are good, in the winter the big wave action is in “the Country” on the famous North Shore, and in the Summer anywhere in “Town” and on the South Shore there is waves to ride.

For most surfers here the “Summer” usually starts around April, when the first serious south swells starts rolling in.  This first part of the season has been excellent for windsurfing this year, with strong trade wind colliding with constant sweet south swells.  It has been pure fun, and we have been taking full advantage of it.

I've been working with my friend, photographer, Francis Brewer.  He is a good windsurfer and he loves to swim out with his camera when the waves are of serious size.  He knows what he is doing out there, and combine with an intimate knowledge of  his home spots makes it for sick photos. Oahu is a great photo studio for windsurfing or any kind of wave riding activities, there are a lot of various spots with different conditions, and a lot of ways to shoot those waves.

These are some of the photos from our recent shootings, to see more of Francis' work, check out his web site at:


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