Friday, 18 June 2010

Windsurfing Slalom Championships Day 3 Texel

Day 3
Texel Grand Prix Slalom Windsurfing Championships

Also on the third day of the Grand Prix Championship Slalom was windy.During the morning the wind shifted direction north and rose to over 20 knots.

Julien Quentel still holds overall first place but today's results ended up being his discards! Ben van der Steen, winner of round 3 the day before, started early, was disqualified and had to join the spectators on the beach to watch the round 4 final. The final of the 4th round elimination was a French get-together. Julien Quentel is initially on the overall first place, but then he was overtaken by Mortefon Pierre (FRA 14) and Toscelli Pascal (FRA-916).

Pierre Mortefon (FRA 14) and Wojtek Brozozowski (POL 10) were today's round winners.

Friday is the last day for elimination rounds, and the sixteen best windsurfers will compete Saturday at the European Championship.


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