Monday, 14 June 2010

Jesper report Costa B


Here is a report from here.

We had a good day of racing the first day of competition with a gusty
side shore wind and very choppy conditions.

I went through first and second round and them had a "over early" in
the losers final and got a 16th place. I was quite happy with my speed
so it was a shame I pushed it a little to far on the start line.
The RRD Xfire 122 was just "eating' up the choppy water easily and
comfort was not an issue.

Day 2 we had no wind. On day 3 we completed 6 heats and I was in heat
8 so had to wait until the next day to complete it.

Day 4 I won my heat passing Bjoern at one of the marks where he got
caught a bit with not much wind. The 122 worked very efficient in the
jibes. In the quarterfinal I did not have the best start but was
catching up and could attack on the jibe for a position in the semi-
final. I pushed a little too much and made a 180 with the sail, trying
to jump on to the other side of the sail, but did not manage and fell
in the water. I lost many points so it was a stupid mistake,, Anyway
I was pushing and this is what's happening sometimes.

I'm currently in 20th position.

Looking at the other RRD teamriders Finian , Julian, Pacalli and
Tine's performance from the beach I could see they all had great board
speed and control.



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