Saturday, 19 June 2010

Seb: Update Cabarete PKRA Day 1 & 2.,

The 3rd stop of the PKRA in Cabarete, (Dominican Republic) just
started yesterday. With only 3 judges, all the heats are runned man on
man. It takes more time.
Yesterday, we did only the first round of the man where I rode against
Hurtado (from Venezuela). And I won 3-0.
Today, the compétition started at 12 with the 2nd round of the mens.
The wind is pretty light, good to ride on 12.
I first went against Luke Whiteside for a 3-0 victory. Then I been up
against Youri Zoon in 1/4 final. I rode very well in all the heats,
and especially on this one, I really went full power on every single
trick. But it seem it was not enough against Youri's style. He won
this one.
Still the double elimination to Run until the 20th.

+ the link of the ladder :

+ 1 pics !

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