Monday, 21 June 2010

The Bonifacio Windsurf: Speed Challenge 2010.

Corse Speed Challenge 2010

1er Manu Canepa RRD X Fire 90 /Bonifacio Windsurf

8 Christophe Gauthier RRD X Fire 102/ Bonifacio Windsurf

BRAVO Manu pour cette 1er PLace


21 giugno 2010

Speed Challenge 2010, results and pictures!
Lots of action this Sunday for this stage of speed challenge:
a very strong wind was 30-35 knots, a dozen participants motivated, it is more than enough to burn the GPS.
Our "hot room" monitor Manu showed good woman he mastered the storm and won the comp piantarellienne with the best average speed 31.5 knots.

The best peak at 34.8 knots was achieved by Jean Philippe GIANBINO and defends the honor of CN Porticcio well represented.

Note the presence of Bitérois record holder (that is not a dirty word) speed on the 2008 season with the club's gear, he was there by chance and leaves anyway with the 4th place, well done Laurent Cabrita.

Best average speed on 5 X 10 sec
Results men
1 Emmanuel Canepa (Bonifacio Windsurf/ RRD/ Gunsails/Gul) 31,5 Knots
2 Jean Philippe Gianbino (CNPorticcio) 31,2 Knots
3 Pierre Blasini (CN Macinaggio) 30,8 Knots
4 Laurent Cabrita (bonifacio Windsurf) 29,6 Knots
5 Stephane Giraudi (bonifacio windsurf) 28,5 Knots
6 Christophe Turkiewiez (CN Porticcio) 28,1 Knots
7 Julien Carpentier (les fauvettes) 26,6
8 Christophe Gauthier (bonifacio windsurf) 26,2
9 Laurent bak (CN Porticcio) 25,1
10 Florian Brune (cn Porticcio) 24,1
11 Philippe Laurent dit MOMO (Bonifacio Windsurf / La buvette de Piantarella) 12,3
Results women
Karine Gianbino (Cn Porticcio) 21,8 noeuds

Results joung
1 Theo Lemorvallé (Les Fauvettes) 13,6 Knots
2 Yohann Nauleau (les fauvettes) 11,6 Knots
3 Pierres Yves Aramu 5,5 Knots

Best top speed on 2 seconds peak: Jean Philippe Gianbino 34,8 Knots

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