Monday, 14 June 2010

Finian: CB blog words

The PWA event in Costa Brava has just finished. It was a difficult
week for both me personally and also in terms of catching enough wind
to get through some races. In the 1st round final, I was poised for a
big result with a full speed start in a great position and I was
feeling very tuned on my 112 and 8.4. But it was not to be, I was
called over the line early by a half second which was a situation I
would come to regret as the week went on, I felt that I could have
scored a bullet, at least a top 3.

In the 2nd round, I had a similar situation happen as in Korea that
cost me the podium whereby I was leading the semifinal when the wind
suddenly died just before the 1st mark. On the re-run, I had a bad
start and then a collision at the 1st mark battling for 4th with Ross,
I was out of the final. This is the flow of racing working against me
but no problem, I am confident I can turn things around in
Fuerteventura and get back fighting for the top places. The boards
feel really good, I am happy with the shapes and I think I can
challenge again soon.

Good sailing, Finian

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