Tuesday, 19 May 2009


On the
third day the wind suddenly kicked in and the head judge pushed it hard so we almost finished four races in one day. I started with a 6 place in my first heat and did not advance, but I saw that I have good speed and that I can race good. In the second race I already manage to qualify although I had a big crash with TUR 1 on the last reach. I was sailing quite good in the semifinal finishing 7th. In the losers final I had a really bad start and while trying to pass some guys on the mark I went down and finished the race as 20th. In race 3 I also manage to qualify to the next round. In the semifinal I started good and came to the first mark in fourth. I was fighting down the course and had a small chance on the last mark to pass Arnon Dagan to get fift, but he did not let me do it. I was forced to stop and Prichard took the chance to overtake me so I finished in 7th. It was the first time that I was so close to the final. In the losers final I did not start the best as the wind was very up and down, but I still sailed solid finishing the race in 17th place. I was getting already a bit tiered like most of the guys, but as the wind was still there we started race 4. I had not a very good start, but with my speed and good jibing I manage to get to the fift place and than I did a mistake. I was almost alone on the mark and I slipt from the board and went down! After I got up, the guys passed me and I finished 8th. I was so angry when I came to the beach, but at least I was sailing good in the previouse heats. I finished the day on the 20th place, I was happy about it.

Day 4, although weather forecast was quite bad for day four the thermal wind kicked in around 13:30. First they finished race 4 and and went almost straight to race 5. I had a quite OK start and came to the first mark with the first pack. I got out of it in 6th, but I manage to overtake the guy in front of me. On the last mark I went in to the jibe a bit wide and K-3 did not hesitate for a second and sailed straight in to me and took me down. Before I could got up some guys passed me and I finished 8th. Another bad result, but I learned from it that I have to be more aggressive in the future. We started also race 6, but after two heats the wind has died and I have not done my heat yet.
At the moment I am on the 24th place, but I hope we will do some more races so I have a chance to improve my position.

Tine Slabe


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