Tuesday, 19 May 2009


"Hi RRD Family,
we are racing at the PWA slalom event in Korea. 3 races were completed
yesterday in some very difficult and physical conditions because the
winds are gusting from 7-25 knots in a really small bay with some hills
upwind. This makes for a small course and tight racing with a full
emphasis on the start.
For me personally I had a very bad day with some collisions and
difficult starts. The X-Fire boards are working really well in all
conditions especially when there is some power in the sail so I am happy
with the performance of the slalom range. Unfortunately, this is not the
place to use the speed I know I have, as everything is very close
together. I am hoping to improve in the next few days and try to get
better results in the tricky conditions.
Stay tuned, Finian"

Photo credit: John Carter/PWA

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