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Catalunya Kite Contest News...

Catalunya Kite Contest.

Last week end (2-3 of may) was the catalunya Kite Contest in «Canet en Roussillon» in south of France. Unfortunalely I couldn’t go there, because I was just back from Maui. But my family was there to represent RRD!

The Catalunya Kite Contest is a cool spirit event with some competition in Freestyle, Race and Hang Time. And my Father and my small brother took part to it. There was 45 competitors in total, 23 amateurs, 7 juniors, 8 girls and 7 pro!!!

I want to congratulate Valentin (Garat)
my small brother who won the overall ranking in Junior. He is only 15, and really motivated in Kiteboarding. He already manage the heats like a champion. And for sure will be really good… And of course I want to congratulate my Dad, 48 years old, who finished 11 in amateur!!

Valentin’s Report of the event:
«Saturday morning, they started with the Race. Wind was really strong so I went out on my 5 Obsession». I did well on the first race and finished 6th, on the second race I finished 16th.
On the afternoon, they did the hang time and I ended 3rd junior. I should have take my 7m, because the winds dropped a bit. On Sunday, we started on the morning with the Freestyle Junior. I pumped my 7 and 9 because the wind was not as strong as Saturday. In my first heat, I was on 7. I didn’t land everything in the beginning, but I did pretty well in the end of this heat. I won this heat and was directly qualified for the Juniors final. I met Tony Valesa, Quentin Valesa and Paul Serin in this final. Just before the final, the wind dropped a little bit, but I was still in 7. I think it was a mistake. I only could do some tricks during the gusts.
The others juniors against me were on 9. I finished 3rd of this final. I was pretty disappointed about this result in Freestyle, because I didn’t took the right size. With the 9, I think I would have done better… But I’m learning how works competition…
Thanks to my good results in all discipline, I got the 1st place overall junior so I’m pretty happy about that!»

Ranking :


1 Garat Valentin (RRD, Tshotsh)
2 Valesa Tony
3 Valesa Quentin
4 Berlioz Timoté
5 Serin Paul
6 Estève Sam
7 Madsen Jordan

1 Saudubray Fabien
2 Vieville Fabian
3 forquel Joris
4 Stantina Régis
5 Goffinet Stéphane
6 Buissonneau Steeve
7 Philippe Vincent
8 Estève Philippe
9 Roques Alexandre
10 Rozycki Yoann
11 Garat Christian (RRD)
12 Valesa Jeanpierre
13 Arnoult Benoit
14 Beauvais François
15 Comails Charley
16 Dubois Ghislain
17 Banoujaafar Soufiane
18 Frowein Thomas
19 Laplace nicolas
20 Aminat Fabrice
21 Malet Didier
22 Zecchetti J.Luc
23 Leblond Stephane ( non couru )

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