Monday, 18 May 2009

How fast is an RRD FreestyleWave90... ?? QUICK!!!

Per la serie "la potenza è niente senza il controllo" ecco la velocità che è stato in grado di esprimere un RRD FreestyleWave 90 sotto i piedi di Mr. Tristan Haskins...
Sarei curioso di sapere che cosa avrebbe combinato con un X-FIRE 90 sotto i piedi!
Mr. Tristan Haskins sent us a cool mail proving that RRD production boards can always surprise...
Let's give a try to RRD 2009 X-FIRE range,
I bet you'll have still better surprises!
Well done Tristan!Keep us updated about your next speed sessions...



My name is Tristan Haskins from UK (owner of

Normally when sailing for speed I use a Tabou Manta...

When sailing at my local spot, Hunstanton, Norfolk (choppy coastal estuary) - I use my new RRD 90 LTD Freestyle Wave.

On this particular day, the tide went out to reveal some nice flat water alongside a sand bar.

I thought I'd push the RRD with "as supplied" MFC 25 fin - just to see how quick it was...

I was using a 2008 Severne 4.7m BLADE (wave sail)

I was amazed to see peak speeds on my GT31 of 32.87 knots... and 100m average of 32.51!!!

Here's the TRACK if you want to view the data yourselves.

So - is the RRD 90 FSW fast ?? Yes - very - I love it!!!

It's my first RRD board, but I will certainly be adding a few more to my quiver

(FYI - I got mine from Neil Greentree at Quayside Windsurf in Dereham)

Keep up the good work


Tristan Haskins and Louise Barby

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