Friday, 6 April 2012

Seb Garat: PKRA Morocco report

Last week I was in Dakhla. A windy spot lost in the desert, in the south of Morroco.
For the 1st PKRA event, we had a new Scoring System. We are not anymore judged on an overall impression:

In a 7 minutes long heat, the judges will pick the best 7 tricks and we have 12 attempts maximum to score that. As every trick have now a note on 10, we will push more in term of technicity, lower kite position, more speed and more power...

We now have to perform more "Quality" tricks than "Quantity". This new scoring system want to push us to take our time before a trick. I'm sure this new scoring system will bring some new excitement in the competition. As a new system, we will have to make some adjustement on it for sure...

And now we got a result more concrete with a note at the end. On the Single elimination, I rode my 10,5 Obsession Pro, pretty well powered by the Dakhla Wind! In 1/8 final Against Spiesburger I had a 
really close heat but lost 43,6 points against 44,8. My best trick of this heat was a massive back mobe that I perform very powered, and with the kite low! I got a 6,8 on this trick. But then, the average
of my tricks was a little bit below Spiesburger ones...
Unfortunately, the double elimination has been runned in very light wind conditions.
I was able to beat the Morrocan champion "Hassouni" in my first round, riding my biggest kite, the Obsession Pro 13,5. But as the heat passed, the wind dropped again and in the next round, I was not enough powered even with my big kite. I was against Liam Whaley, the young boy. With it's 55kg only, he was able to ride and do some tricks while I couldn't express myself...
This is the disappointing part of the competition.

Now i'm really looking forward to the next competition that will start this week end in France, Leucate. One hour away from home... Strong wind for strong mens !!!
Keep posted !

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