Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Orange Speed Crossing: Albeau fighting for the victory

Great challenge at the "Mondial du Vent" a big kiteboarding and windsurfing event held in Laucate, where windsurfers and kiters are challenging each others at the Orange Speed Challenge to find who is the fastest on the water.
After 3 run it's a kiter, Rob Douglas (the World Speed Record holder) in solid first position with one 2nd place, 2 first places and having scored the new event speed record with 43,32 knots.
Antoine Albeau had a bad start with a 14th place in the first round due to a bad fins choice, but then in the second round he found his usual speed and fight until the last minute for the first position and reaching a good second place behind Mr. Douglas. A 4th place in the third round gave to the champ good confidence to raise in the winning positions as soon as he can discard the bad first round.

Keep tuned... because the challenge is still on...

Yesterday the wind was too light to go on with the speed challenge, so the race director managed to start a Long Distance that was clearly won by our Antoine Abeau, with Ros William in 2nd place, Cedric Bordes in 3rd and Andres Bringdal in 4th.

More to come...

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