Wednesday, 4 April 2012

RRD Maquina in action @ Puerto Rico

Mr. Anibal (pichoro) Sosa it's a more than happy owner of a RRD Maquina... as you can see on his last video edit...

Hi guys...You may remember me as the guy from Puerto Rico who went crazy about the maquina...well here I send a YouTube address of me and the maquina ...hope you like it.
I'm really happy with is super nice...
board feels really steady and firm on the rear and super light and snappy on the front...weird feeling at
first...but it's just a missile when charging and hitting the face of the wave. it just have a life of its own....definitely not a beginners board...super fast and surprisingly strong....the video show my second
day on it... wave season its almost over here in the island (Puerto Rico)...can't wait to September to start riding it again... 
Anibal (pichoro) Sosa

Youtube video name:
rrd maquina in puerto rico

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