Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dan Sweeney: Windsurfing session after work at Sea Sprite (RRD UK)

Hi guys,

Just a quick update from this week in the UK,

We've had some amazing conditions on the south coast and after work at Sea Sprite (RRD UK) Myself and mighty whitey went for a windsurfing session down Shoreham with Nik Baker.

Conditions were strong - 4.2 weather and we got some cool shots.

I'd did 3 months worth of Windsurfing in St.Lucia over the winter and I managed to get a handful of sessions last year but I'm loving it now and it goes hand in hand with my kitesurfing!

Cheers guys, Hope all is well

Best Regards,

Dan Sweeney
RRD UK Team Manager

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