Thursday, 26 February 2009

The wave session

Il nostro RRD Team Rider sloveno Tine Slabe ci invia un po' di aggiornamenti dal suo Trip nel profondo Sud America.

La prima parte del trip a caccia di onde è finita per ora, domani partiamo per la Patagonia per fare un po' di riprese sui laghi. Allego un un po' di foto delle onde di Topokalma e Curanipe.

Ci sentiamo!
Tine Slabe
Here are some fresh news from RRD Slovenian team rider Tine Slabe from his windsurfing trip on the deep South America's wild countries...

"Ben arrived and as the forecast was better for the southern part of the cost we decided to go for a shorter trip to Curanipe, a good surf and windsurf spot five-hour drive from Santiago. A small fishermen village is a very nice host although it seems that you went like 20 years back in time. With Ben we rented surfboards and surfed the perfect waves in the bay. It was one of my best surfing sessions ever. The wind kicked, but unfortunately the waves got smaller. We still had a very fun day and some nice shots. Unfortunately the conditions were not like in Topocalma where the camera broke down. On the way back to Santiago we stopped for a day in Pichilemu, but there was no wind so we went only for short surf that was not so impressive. Now everything is ready to fly south. Patagonia here we come!!!

Pic: Anja; some are from the amaizing Topocalma and some from Curanipe

Tine Slabe



  1. I'm very jealous here...!

    Nice session!!! :D

  2. Tine the legend! Cool pics, stay cool and ride hard!
    BR from SLO