Friday, 27 February 2009


Il TwinTip 100 LTD non è semplicemente una delle tavole più apprezzate per le prestazioni che è in grado di esprimere in acqua, ma è anche LA tavola più apprezzata per quanto riguarda la veste grafica. A premiare il TwinTip 100 LTD come tavola più bella della sua categoria è stata la giuria popolare del più importante website d'oltre Manica.

Per maggiori info:

Se volete sapere come se la cava il TwinTip 100 LTD in acqua e non solo davanti allo specchio:

TwinTip 100 LTD is not just one of the most appreciated freestyle boards for its performances on the water, but it's also THE Most Valuable Board for its graphic appeal. It was that awarded the RRD TwinTip 100 LTD as prettiest feestyle board graphic, thanks to the vote of a huge number of web seekers...
Check it out:

If you want to know how the RRD TwinTip 100 LTD works on the water and not just in front of a mirror:

Anyway, here are words:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all!

Wow! We have had a huge number of votes on your favourite freestyle board graphic since this test went out in mid-January. So here are the results voted for by YOU:

1. RRD Twin Tip 100 – 334 points
2. Goya X1 105 – 304 points
3. Mistral Joker RD 99 – 297 points
4. Starboard Flare 98 – 294 points
5. JP Freestyle 99 – 282 points
6. Fanatic Skate 98 – 268 points

*Overall points were calculated by multiplying the % votes by 4 for ‘Really Good’, 3 for ‘Good’, 2 for ‘Average’ and 1 for ‘poor’ for each board.

WINNER - RRD Twin Tip 100

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