Thursday, 26 February 2009

Aloha from windy Maui!

Photo credit: Darrell Wong/RRD

Hey Guys!
How goes it?

Out here, it's windy all the time, and now it went up a notch!
...big bowly waves today, but onshore with great big back loop ramps
and backside riding on the way in. Only bummer is that it's been so
cloudy/rainy, not the best to work on any project... But at least
we're getting some fun out there!...

Hope all is well in Italy!!
Much aloha,

Patrick is one of RRD Maui resident riders, and he was one of the key
riders during the 2009 Maui Shooting and for sure he will be one of our
key riders for our 2010 shooting...

Here are some words fron Pat after he signed his new contract also for
this 2009 season:

"In true Italian fashion, RRD is a family before it is a business,
and that is the greatest thing about working with Roberto and his
acolytes. This is a company that has always been about being at the
forefront of innovation and avant-garde, about always being one step
ahead. Always looked at as the edgiest shapes, constructions or
even the coolest graphics, there is a certain pride when you take
your RRD board out of the bag at the beach. Over the years, the RRD
production boards have worked wonders for me - whether it'd be my
backyard at Hookipa, the Gorge or even my native Canada, there are
boards for every type of conditions out there. I have been part of
the RRD family for more than 8 years now and I am just as stoked on
the boards and the people today as I was 8 years ago! With more
innovations for 2009, this will be another great season - see you
OUT there!"

Ciao Patrick and Keep riding hard!

Photo credit: Darrell Wong/RRD

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