Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sick board!!

Photo credit: John Carter/PWA

Photo credit: John Carter/PWA

Ciao guys,
Hi guys,
I'm trying to rest the foot and get it properly better...

These pictures are from the PWA.
Also Here attached are a couple of video clips for Roberto & Aurelio to see the board

Hopefully going to put a video together this week with all the footage
I have from South Africa, Maui and a bit from CV.
I let you know when its done and maybe you can use it on the website,
or at least the blog.

I went to a physio again today and he had a really good check of the
foot and basically said it just needs a bit more time. I have pulled
out of the Fuerteventura event so hopefully with some good recovery
time I will be 100% by the time I go to Maui and can get ready for

Hope everything is good with you guys.


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