Friday, 9 March 2012

French Training for Finian Maynard

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Waking up this morning didn't set the heart on fire as the wind was not so strong at the hotel so it seemed perfect for some 'normal' testing with the small boards and sails as we both wanted to try our selection of high-wind boards today.

That plan seemed to go fine until the moment we launched at midday. Bang, the wind came howling in at 40-knots and that is being slightly conservative from my perspective on the beach. Out on the water was a different prospect as the chop was really tall and close together making it a technical game with the ocean to find a way to pass over the tops with stability and control, no easy task mind you.

Several runs in and it was clear this was going to be a really strong afternoon breeze. Sure enough, the wind kept building reaching what we both thought to be 50-knots, the point where the water turns to almost complete smoke. It is always fascinating to be right there amongst that force of nature riding it like you were on an angry bull.

All in all, we didn't do any 'testing' today as it made no sense but the session was really fun, not so cold and always a thrill to experience a blue sky and 45-knots of wind for hours.

France always delivers the goods in terms of wind. Merci!

Ciao, Finian

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