Thursday, 1 March 2012

Capo Verde News


Finally a good swell reached Cape Verde. The 2012 until now it was very cold and windy, but basically we had no waves at all!!
But in the end, a good swell entered for 3 days and here you can have a look at some shots from Ponta Preta and Secret spot.
I always go out with RRD GITANA 5'11 for session with small waves in side-off conditions or RRD GITANA6'3 for the bigger waves in Off shore conditions. But with side/on-shore conditions MAQUINA it's the call: THIS BOARD IS REALLY IMPRESSIVE!!
I am also testing from more than 2 months the RELIGION RRD kite 2012 and I have to tell that this too is just INCREDIBLE !!! 
This kite is as fast as last year, but with more window area, and this it means that you have more upwind capability, and more stability ! The RRD RELIGION is really THE ONLY possible CHOICE if you want to go seriously in good waves!

Looking for more swell.... Stay tuned

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  1. Ho visto Renato in acqua. quei giorni..è l'unico che si avvicina al livello dei Riders locali (Airton, Mitu, Djo, Matchu...) vuole un gran fegato a entrare in certe onde !!!
    Ciao a tutti. Andrea