Monday, 12 March 2012

Findogg: 69 Heaven

Another great session for our Finian Maynard:

"The wind has been different every day this week, which is ideal for getting prepared.
Today was no exception. A consistent (for Leucate) 21-30 knots stayed throughout the late morning and afternoon session.
We were greeted by a cloudless blue sky which stayed the entire day making the title of this news all the more clear with the main point being that we both sailed on our 6.9 sails until the end when Peter had a solo session on his 7.7.
The 6.9 is simply a top class sail in all aspects. Not much more to be said. I can't wait to race on it and see if the feeling on the water means good results on the race course with all of the world's best...

My RRD 98 XF V.4 is feeling very good with this sail size as with the 6.1 or 5.5 in the mega powered conditions we have had in the last several days. My boards and sails are fitting together well in terms of board rocker/outline/bottom shape and the sail draft positioning, power point/drive percentages and leech release points (which dictates how the boards trim on the tail, something that is not often talked about in windsurfing).
The training continues tomorrow with light winds on the cards. That should mean 30-knots for this place... maybe not...we would like to try the big stuff soon as I am really looking forward to sailing my XF V4 129's (great board), although it is looking like stronger winds again for Sunday.

All in all, this week has been a great start to the final countdown preps before Italy.

Good sailing,


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