Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Marion @ World Champs

this is my result of my first world championship...not very windy,
only 2 races.
see u,
Marion Dusart participated in the World Championship slalom in Hyères
Almanarre from 7 to 12 September. For its first world, she finished 9th.
« For my first participation in a World Championship, I finished 9th
overall. In both satisfied and disappointed, I knew that the week of
the race, only Thursday would be the more windy and that i had to do
my best this day. The wind capricious, between 9 and 13 knots, only
two races have been completed. Unfortunately for me with a second
position in final loser and a 5th position in final winner, 9th
overall! this event allowed me to assess my level of a first world
championship. I hope that the next worldchampionship will be windy.
Congratulations to Delphine Cousin who won this championship, and for
the Team Funboard, William Alikiagalelei youth world champion and Jean
Le Bot, 3th in junior. Now, I focus on the next and final stage of
french championship in October in Six-Fours. »

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