Wednesday, 28 September 2011


we love the new fsw : )

I've sailed the 108, 102 and 96, and 84 now and all ripping and the customers (of all levels and weights) love them too

The firemove 100 compares best to the Fsw v2 108 with the firemove having less vee and feeling more racey and slightly wider so it is slightly earlier to plane and faster in medium winds. The fsw is better in top end control and looseness and as a larger wave or bump n jump board.

The bigger Firemoves are like oversized racy FSWs, in that they go fast and plane early, yet their thinness and tail widths give them great gybing and you and you can even jump them.

The smaller new fsws like the 102, 96 and 84 (not sailed the 90 yet) keep the wide / thin / short shape and feel like larger boards in terms of stability and planing, but turn like much smaller boards. They have the straight line feel of the firemove with its control and smoothness, yet their shortness and thin rails give them great riding and gybing. When you jump them you really notice how short they are as they so fun in the air. They look and feel so much more new school compared to the previous FSW incarnations.

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