Thursday, 8 September 2011


It is an amazing sight to wake up on the edge of a Baja desert point. Facing Eastward the sun is just coming out over the arid Mexican landscape and looking South, the empty Punta San Carlos line up offering glassy head high to logo high waves. Peeling down the line just meters away from our camp ground. It was like this for 7 days. 

On a trip like that, a surfer can take its time and choose his moment. There is enough waves for everyone that's here and we all knew that we would do some hardcore windsurfing in the afternoon. The mornings were special to me, and I had brought the SUPER 8'11 for that. This point break is particularly appropriate for SUP. The conditions were challenging but very playful and my board was feeling great under my feet. I've been wanting to windsurf down the line with that 8'11, and I was pretty stoked with its result there also.

 A handful of competitors had chosen this particular spot to camp, right in front of the Peak. A hardcore camping site from 3 pm to 9pm due to the wind blowing 20 to 30 knots, with stronger side off shore wind dust gust passing through our living room. (but who cares we would be windsurfing at that time and that's another story)... but what a place in the morning. Among us Die Hard campers, Jordan Reid and Royn Bartholdi, RRD American team riders had also brought their toys and it was awesome to try different boards, and share feedback on them. Most riders that tried the SUPER 8'11 agreed on how stable the board is for its size.

This photos were taken by Jordan Reid, on some of those BAJA MORNING SESSIONS.

Special Thanks to my camping crew on this one. Kathryn, Jay, Mussa, Ron, and Jordan, it was awesome riding it out with you guys.


  1. Nice post! Would be fun to try one of these.

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