Monday, 26 September 2011

KSP One Eye Pro daily update: day 3

RRD International team rider Bruno Bordowski is still in competition, as it seems he passed a couple of rounds, so keep your eyes on him, since he will put a great fight at One Eye n RRD kite surfboards and RR Religion kites...


here you can find the official press release:

September 25, 2011: With a solid breeze mid-morning on day three of the KSP One Eye Pro, Round 1 of the men’s division resumed. Kiting on 7- to 9-meter kites, competitors once again had phenomenal waves — 4 to 6 feet (Hawaiian), 8- to 12-foot faces. Scoring each rider on up to 15 waves per heat, judges rated each wave ridden on a scale of .1 to 10 and combined each rider’s two top waves for a total potential score of 20.

Indonesian resident Marc Ramseier (Switzerland) showed a lot of commitment with his powerful, full rail turns in the pulsing surf to score an impressive 9.27 and 8.77 — totaling to 18.04 — the highest score of Round 1. Jesse Richman (Hawaii), Patri McLaughlin (Hawaii/North) and Sky Solbach (USA/North), all riding strapless, scored in the 14- to 16-point range, exhibiting a high degree of speed, power and control with top to bottom surfing. John Amundson (Hawaii/North), Bruno Bordowsky (RRD, Brazil) and Oswald Smith (South Africa), riding in straps, also scored in a similar range.

Before the day’s end, Men’s Round 2 kicked off, featuring head-to-head competition between riders who didn’t advance from Round 1. Of the five heats completed (out of 8), Jeremy Eloy (France/North), 2010 Kite Surf World Champion Guilly Brandao (Brazil), Juan Pabloo Diban (Chile), 2008 World Champion Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde) and Bruno Bordowsky (RRD, Brazil) advanced. 

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