Tuesday, 18 May 2010

PWA KOREA: Jesper words

Korea day 2
3 rounds of slalom were completed. All I can say is that I have fully confidence in the gear. The boards are working great!

I had a chat to Finian about the new RRD Xfire boards we are currently using and we are both pretty happy with the performance of them. Finian won the last final on the 112, so they can't be that bad !!!
I saw his board speed and jibing from where I was standing on the beach and it was very impressive.

I must say that I'm really comfortable on those boards at all times. When Finian was using the 112 I was still on the 122 and could handle it OK. They have a real big wind range for sure. When it comes to the jibing it doesn't matter if you come in slow or fast, high or low, - they boards just do the job every time and give great confidence for aggressive jibes.

My starts was not good enough and I had to fight back from behind in most heats, -so this I have to work a little on. The first slalom leg here is very short, so it is even more important to get that start
Fighting from the back I enjoyed how you could throw the board around the jibe marks with great control and I could many times gain position here.

Korea day 4
Rain rain rain all day long and no wind.

I spend a few hours on the beach to see if there was any chance of wind. But no chance.


Team RRD Korea

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