Monday, 17 May 2010

Julien Quentel and Tine Slabe protagonists of the défi wind

It has been a very emotional day today. With the victory of a young windsurfer with a very promising future, and a single round ran only opened to the top 50, the Défi Wind is closing down under 1000 applauses. The competitors are won over by those fabulous four days. The Défi Wind saw the consecration of Pierre Mortefon right under the nose of the best windsurfers.

A cancelled leg :

Out of 1000, there were nearly 600 riders still ready to fight one last time on the water when the race director decided to cancel the sixth leg because of a north wind blowing at more than 50 knots. The danger was real given the problems already encountered before the expected start. "It is more reasonable," said one amateur. "Not everybody has the level required to sail over 50 knots and we already have nearly 200 km on board." Back to the beach for everyone. But the “défieurs” did not say their final word. The race committee decided to postpone the start but this time, only the top 50 of the provisional ranking was invited to this final race. "The conditions were really too extreme" explained Philippe Bru, the organizer of this wonderful event. "We still wanted to provide the public with an amazing show so we opted for a tiny run."

General ranking Race 6:

1. Pascal Toselli
2. Tine Slabe (RRD)
3. Pierre Mortefon
4. Bieuzy Mauffret
7. Julien Quentel (RRD)
14. Malte Reuscher

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