Friday, 14 May 2010

Jesper @ PWA Korea

After 25 hours of travelling from Perth I arrived to Jinha Beach in South Korea where the first PWA slalom is taking place.

I have been here 2 days and so far there has been no wind at all, so the time has been going with preparing the gear and doing a bit of exsercise and running to keep fit.

Looking at the forecast it looks like we will have a few days with good wind during the week. Lets see ,,,

Today was a bit of surprise for me as the organisers MC Han, invited me to join the press conference in town (Ulsan), where there was TV crew and photographers and journalists from newspapers lining up to here what we had to say about the competition. So together with PWA president Jimmy Diaz, Micha and Shara Ofringa I join the table to answer a few questions. To be honest I think the translator had the toughest job as she had to translate all our answers back into Korean for the crew. Anyway it went well,,

Now I'm back at the hotel to catch up on some emails.

That's it for now here from Jinha Beach in South Korea



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