Monday, 24 May 2010

Korea Slalom resume - Jesper Orth AUS 10

Hi RRD family

Here is a little resume from the PWA slalom in Korea

I used in all heats the RRD Xfire 122 with good success. The only fin
I used was the 42 Vector molded Canefire for all sail sizes (8.9, 8.3
and 7.3).

Mostly I used the KA Koncept 8.3, wich is a 3 camber sail with
narrower luffsleve.

With this combination of gear I feel pretty good this year. The Xfire
is just so easy and comfortable to sail and in the jibes it is the
best slalom boards I have had under my feets for a long time. I don't
matter how you come in to the jibes on those boards. Max speed / low
speed / narrow / or wide jibe/ back on the board / or more forward,,
--- It don't matter! They do it all with great ease, so you can at all
time attack with great confidence.

My overall result was 20th, witch is OK. But looking back I had 2
rounds where I was in the qualifying position for top 16 results as I
was 3rd until the 2nd last mark in the quarterfinals. One time I
simply felt in after the jibe (not sure why), with no pressure from
behind and another time I was a bit unlucky to jibe into a big
windless patch and simply could not get going, and sailors was
catching up from behind,,

Anyway I feel good and is looking very much forward to the next event
in Costa Brava the 8-13 june.

I had a few sailors trying the boards, and they love them :)



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