Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Seb Garat report: PKRA GERMANY

Ciao everybody,
here is my report from PKRA GERMANY:

The start of the 3rd PKRA event was pretty slow with really light wind during the 5 first days, during those 5 days, they just runned 4 heats ! I was in the 1st one, so I had to run against Forest Bakker, the young guy from Tarifa. My heat was canceled a first time because the wind was not enough. Then, we rerun it few minuts later, and this time, was pretty OK, and I passed it.

On the 6th day, the wind finally came Really really strong. This time it was almost too much ! I had to run against Youri Zoon in the 2nd round. I was on 7 totally overpowered, like I haven't be often before. When my heat started, I just realised that I couldn't unhook. I still tried to make some mobe, but the kite was pulling too much ! The mistake was to have only a 7 as smaller kite. Next time I bring a 5 !

The double elimination looked promising, with better conditions. It starts on the 7 day in the morning. I had to run in my first heat against a Belgium rider Steve Verlest. I was on 9 perfect, but lost 2 judges against 1 in 1st round of double elimination despite a pretty good heat. I was so disapointed about this result, I thought I had won with my blind Judge, Mobe 5, Kgb, Slim Chance, Switch slim, 313, Front Mobe, Switch Back to Blind Air Pass, 360, Sbend 180 and Front Mobe to Blind.
But the judges explain me that Verelst had less tricks but more power and kite lower.

With my 2 last results, (9th in Fuerte, and 17th in Germany) I think it will be really hard to reach the overall podium that I had in mind at the beginning of the season.
I have more than 2 months from now before the next PKRA Freestyle event in Brasil. I will prepare myself harder, really work on my kite positioning, and technical difficulty to be on the top for the 3 last events of the year.

Stay tuned...


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