Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Abel report from Portugal


This has been the third year of the Ocean Spirit on the beaches of Santa Cruz (Portugal) where not only celebrated the 2º stop of the KPWT world championship but also the world championships in Kayaksurf and Portuguese Kitesurf, and Kayaksurf Skimboard.

The beach at Santa Cruz is famous for the waves but unfortunately the wind is not very strong, and the heats have been very difficult for people especially heavy, the wind did not pass from 12 knots in a few heats.
In the simple elimination I got the second place, the wind was stable and could use my Classic Pro Wave 5'8 and my Obsession 9m, but in the Final just in the last turn of my first wave knocked my kite and a wave of 2 m heat it, I was swimming for five minutes to recover. In the double elimination the wind was much lighter and although I used my Fatal 6'0 and 10'5 Obsession, were not enough to stay upwind and make good use of the waves and fell one position.

These days we are finishing the final details of the new "Religion" (the Wave Kite) in Guincho and I am sure that with the new 10 m I will never be underpower in any championship. The wind in Guincho is very gusting, light in the morning, but very strong in the afternoon, so Werter and I have the opportunity to test all the sizes in harsh conditions, because we know that if the kite works in Onshore wind from 8 to 45 knots, it will work well in any spot of the world.

Abel Lago

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