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Press release – 19th June 2009

KPWT SEAT Kitesurf World Cup 2009
Kiteboard Pro World Tour – 16th – 21st June 2009

Skippers meeting started off the day at 09h00 in the breakfast tent. The race director announced that the single elimination for the Wave Masters discipline would commence. The Westerly had picked up nicely and was blowing just under 20 knots with the wave swell averaging 1.5 meters. Qualifying started the day, followed by the men’s first round welcoming back some of the world’s best wave riders.

Competition was suspended at 16h30 for half an hour as the weather had turned for the worst and it had started raining.
Quarterfinals were run after the break and results found Jesse Richman (CABRINHA) facing Jan Marcos Rivera (Star Kites) in the first semi, with Abel Lago (RRD) and Mito Monteiro (F-ONE) in the second. The final was between the top 2 seeds, Rivera and Monteiro, who rose to the occasion, pushing themselves to their limits and giving the spectators a great show.

For the women, Kari Schibevaag (OZONE) faced Kirsty Jones (NORTH) in the final. It was a 10-minute heat that you couldn’t look away from, with Kirsty taking the SEAT World Cup Wave Master single elimination title.

The judges decided to take advantage of the waves and run the first rounds of the second elimination, starting at 19h30. It was the longest day of the German year so why not take advantage of this!

Competition day 4 on the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup 2009 was over and although the weather did not perform, the riders definitely did in the conditions.
Tonight’s activities on the promenade will feature a live band “INDIECATOR BAND” followed by an after-show party!
Well done to the judges, the race-director and all those involved in the success of yet another day on the SEAT World Cup 2009.

Single Elimination Men:
1. Mito Monteiro (F-ONE)
2. Jan Marcos Rivera (STAR KITES)
3. Jesse Richman (CABRINHA)
4. Abel Lago (RRD)

Single Elimination Women:
1. Kirsty Jones (NORTH)
2. Kari Schibevaag (OZONE)
3. Ainhoa Garcia (AIRUSH)

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