Thursday, 25 June 2009

EFPT Alacati - Niklas final report

European Freestyle Pro Tour Alacati, also called King of the bay is now over after two doubleeliminations. The competition should go on the whole weekend but the chanses for wind are pretty much zero so thats why they do the prizegiving already today.
I ended up on a 6th place in the first double and a 4th place in the second, after a judgingdesission against Paskowski that I don´t really agree with, but thats competition I guess! Overall I got a 6th place in Alacati wich put me in a 5th place in the EFPT-ranking.
My teammates Yarden Meir and Edvan Souza are also sailing good over here and I´m sure they had good fun!
Afterall we had a great time here in Alacati, as always! Tonight we go for some party with the guys and on monday I fly back to Sweden to try to catch up with midsummer..

For pics:

1. Steven Broeckhoven
2. André Paskowski
3. Nicolas Akgatzian
4. Davy Sheffers
5. Phil Soltysiak
6. Niklas Stråhlén
7. Sassa Teixeira
8. Andraz Zan
8. Edvan Souza de Pedro
10. Stam Promponas
10. Yarden Meir
Take it easy!
Niklas Stråhlén

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