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Press release – 17th June 2009KPWT SEAT Kitesurf World Cup 2009

Kiteboard Pro World Tour – 16th – 21st June 2009
Welcome to day 2 on the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup!

After a big day yesterday, the freestyle discipline was completed and the titles went to Gisela Pulido (ESP, AIRUSH) in the women's division and local rider, Mario Rodwald (SEAT, NORTH, QUIKSILVER, SPARKASSE) in the men's.The day started at the skippers meeting at 09h00 to check conditions and hopefully get the Course Racing underway, but the wind was not yet at the required speed for the race to take place. We wait.

A skippers meeting was then held at 14h00 and announcements were made that the Course Racing will be under way in 30 minutes, as conditions had improved.
The riders all prepped their bigger kites and made their way down to the launch area.
Over 40 riders were competing within the 3 races and what a magical sight to see the colors envelop the sky!
This discipline is definitely one for the spectators! To witness the riders' maneuver their kites around the course avoiding the disaster of getting tangled and finally racing across the finish line is a true
spectacle!Abel Lago (RRD) did well in the conditions to win the first race, but the top ranking went to Bruno Sroka (CABRINHA) who won the following 2 races!
In the women's division, Kristin Boese (BEST) demonstrated her professionalism and dominance by winning all 3 races.Another successful day on the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup and we hope conditions improve tomorrow. So get connected and follow this exciting event on and for updates
and results.RESULTS:
Race one (Men):
1st Abel Lago
2nd Bruno Sroka
3rd Sean Farley

Race two (Men):
1st Bruno Sroka
2nd Abel Lago
3rd Sean Farley

Race three (Men):
1st Bruno Sroka
2nd Abel Lago
3rd Pierre Romain

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