Monday, 23 March 2009


Continua l'avventura "sottosopra" del nostro team rider sloveno Tine Slabe, che si è fatto stregare dalla natura e dai paesagi della Patagonia. Guardare le immagini per credere!
Adesso Tine si trova da qualche parte nella Terra del Fuoco, in rotta verso Capo Horn. Il suo obiettivo è quello di doppiare il famosissimo e terribile Capo... davvero un'impresa per temerari!
Come è in uso dire tra i marinai: "In culo alla balena!!!"

It took me quite a while to give you some new news but it was hard to find time and connection. Anyway here it is. We spent two weeks in Patagonia and I was completely amazed by the place. The endless nature is hard to explain with words that is why I will add one blog note only with lifestyle and nature pictures. We sailed on few impressive lakes with some outstanding backgrounds. The first days it was not so cold, but after we could feel it in out hands. With Ben Van Der Steen we did some good slalom training and one day the wind was so strong that was even a good Pozo training! As you can see on the pictures we did also some freestyle action on the Lago Viedma where we scored the strongest wind. Besides windsurfing we spent few days filming the connections scenes that will be needed for the movie. All the winter clothes and the equipment are ready for the Cape Horn.
With Ben we took one week off before entering the Fire land and flew back to Santiago and drive to the west cost where we scored some good waves but I'll tell you more about it next time.
Tine Slabe


  1. unbelievable...

  2. Yep, Tine is really windsurfing in some incredible and no so common spot!
    It's really cool to have a such adventurer and spot scout inside the RRD team!
    Can't wait to receive update about Cape Horn trip...