Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Yann Sorlut: PWA Cabo Verde summary

Here are some pictures and words from RRD rider Yann Sorlut about his experience in PWA Wave competition in Cabo Verde
"Cabo verde is beautifull …but be be careful to the rocs!!!
I didn’t break anything in two years there. But the last days of my trip it happened!! Bad timming on the airial and straight to the rocs! One mast, a 5.0 and a board... broken! The most amazing was the board. Broken in the back pads like if you cut it with a big knife. I wa lucky to have not the foot into the strap when that happened!!! About the result, I’m happy. My heats were better and better. My last one was ok with wave-riding with two aerials, but the judge has prefered the style of Jason and Marcillio. Anyway I’m quite happy to end the contest on the 17th place with... Jonas, Victore and Levy!!! I hope to go again there next year!!!
Pictures by Claire Sorlut (my wife)

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