Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fabrice likes Insider tRRDing blogspot!

NDfly ripping on his kite gear

Sylvain flyes over Fabrice

Fabrice goes for Goyter

Fabrice wave 360

Sylvain hi junp

Sylvain off the lip

Fabrice rippin it up!

Aloha everybody,
I like the new Insider tRRDing news format...
I'm always stoked to hear about all the boys on the team ripping it up all over the globe. We got some awesome riders in the team, everybody doing his sports in the four corners of the world. There are no frontiers for us Riders, the wind will take us to original places and we will do our thing, windsurf, kite, short board, long board, stand up paddle... Yes... It's all good!

My latest journey took me back to Asia to the Philippines, where the Pacific meets with the South China Sea. At the right time of year that place goes off, with powerful winds bringing large swells. It was an incredible place to kick off 2009. I knew we would score great conditions there, so I brought my buddy Sylvain with me and asked my local kiter contact, NdFly to join us on our trip. It was an unreal trip and a great start to our season for our new film projects.

After that trip, I went down to Boracay, to work on my kiting skill with Andy (NdFly). Boracay is a great free riding and slalom sailing spot. This tropical island paradise is one of Philippines most popular tourism destinations. I met Andy in Indo last summer. We ripped it up properly in solid Indian Ocean conditions, and both of us being RRD riders, we became friends quickly. We both had strong ties to the island of Boracay, so we knew we would meet again there. With Andy's technical advice and his RRD gear, my kiting skill improved to a new level!!

While I'm in that part of the world and before going back to Hawaii, I usually stop on the island of Guam: I have some good friends living there, all surfers, windsurfers, and kiters. I met that crew about 12 years ago when I lived and worked there for 7 months. This Pacific island is a US territory located in Micronesia. It is like a small Hawaii, and offers a variety of hard core surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing spots. The local riders can be intimating at first, especially the surfers, but when you know them they will greet you with warm “Aloha”. We had some great kiting and surfing conditions, but the swell direction wasn't really good for down the line windsurfing riding. So, I will have to go back on the right swell to score the one spot that I have in mind.

Then I made it back on Oahu just in time to score some good North Shore sessions for wave sailing, surfing and stand up paddle surfing, I love being here in the winter, at home. Most people think of Oahu more as a summer windsurfing spot, and they are right... The South Shore of Oahu is a Disneyland of wave riding. But the north shore of Oahu in the winter is an incredible place to be... Here is a small video that I just posted on YouTube, it shows some classic south shore of Oahu conditions: small, light and playful...

I recently posted couple of my older videos on YouTube as well; check it out if you get a chance. I just arrived on Maui a couple of days ago and it's been super windy, challenging but great conditions for the Neil Pryde 2010 photo shoot.

That's it for now,
got to go to the beach to do my job!
Riders, keep on ripping it up out there and keep the dream alive!
Aloha from Maui,

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